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X as a Service

Transform one-time charges into recurring charges to earn more revenue without the risk.

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Growth Opportunity

75% of tech is moving to XaaS

According to industry forecasts, there is a $560 billion dollar shift in how your customers want to consume their technology. TechGrid lets you easily move with the market by plugging into a subscription-ready platform.

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XaaS Framework

Everything you need to sell X as a Service

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can plug into a framework that has everything you need to sell, fulfill, manage, and fund technology subscriptions.

XaaS framework

one-time charges into recurring charges

XaaS payouts flow
Convert and combine everything into one subscription
Keep liability between the bank and the customer
Earn upfront and recurring revenue at the same time.
Customer Credit Approval Process
Credit Checks

Zero-risk finance

Leverage your customer's credit to determine finance approvals, not your business.


Measure profitability for every deal

TechGrid provides a breakdown of all your costs and projected revenue, so you know whether or not you should pursue an opportunity.

Central Office Profitability Dashboard
XaaS Finance

Let the bank be the bank

We simplify the banking stuff, so you can build subscriptions without the hassle.

Digital Commerce Platform

Designed for the
IT Service Industry

Central Office makes it simple to digitally transform your business, sell your solutions online, and offer flexible consumption options for your customers. 

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